"Zaostrovye Discovery" is a 4-hour snowmobile trip through endless fields, fluffy rivers and lakes near Arkhangelsk, about 50 km of exciting trail, perfect for beginners
February 4, 6, 11, 18
4 hours
for beginners
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We will overcome the distance through snow-covered fields, crossing rivers and streams, paving the way of the pioneer.
The endless expanses of Zastrovie and the fluffy rivers Isakogorka and Laia
We will ride through snow-covered lakes and swamps, away from the bustle of the city, piercing the silence with the roar of the snowmobile engine, enjoying the "gliding" in the puffy snow. We will look into the forest huts, where hunters and wanderers escape the bitter cold.
A string of forest lakes and swamps in Zaostrovye
The whole group will explore the island area of this village and find the local "Pirates'" landing boat.
A village with the strange name of "Support and Experimental Station"
We will come up in time to the landing of the legendary AN-2 and, like true spotters, catch some unique shots.
Wow-moment of a plane landing near Vaskovo airport
This romantic place has already become a landmark for locals and visitors. Over the bridge we walk from the village of Velikoye to the village of Verhny Ladino
Wooden suspension bridge in the village of Verkhneye Ladino
This temple, one of two hundred across the country, has never been closed, even during Soviet times. Today it is a place with a rich history and a strong energy.
Michael the Angel Church in the village of Rikasovo
We’ll end our trip at our partners at the Country Club, where we’ll go horseback riding and have tea in the warm grill house.
Finishing the trip at the Country Club
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What is included?
We have included most of the ingredients necessary for a successful trip:
  1. Author's itinerary with interesting locations and rest points
  2. Escort by an inspiring instructor along the route
  3. Modern reliable and powerful BRP Lynx Commander 2020 snowmobile filled up with the fuel for the whole route
  4. Training in the basics of safe snowmobile driving
  5. Necessary equipment (helmet/goggles/warm footwear)
  6. Stops for photo-pauses and exchange of impressions
  7. Guaranteed emotions and a desire to return to us again
What else should you take on a trip?
In the winter, the "personal day-traveler's kit" is always in demand in the countryside:
  • Thermos with aromatic and hot tea (sugar to taste)
  • Delicious bread with vegetables, cheese and meat slices
  • Candy and chocolates
  • Warm / spare mittens or gloves
  • Disposable salt warmers for hands / feet
  • Walkie-talkie
We will prepare such a kit for each participant of your trip on your request
If I don't have a driver's license
Snowmobile driving implies a specialized license category A1. In our routes you are accompanied by experienced instructors, their activity is considered educational if you follow the rules and safety techniques.
How the trip is arranged
After agreeing on the date and plan of the trip, the participants sign a vehicle rental contract with fixation of the material responsibility for the equipment and possible damage to third parties. After the prepayment is received, we fix the equipment and the guide for your date, we look forward to seeing you and getting ready to leave.
On the day of the trip we meet at the meeting point, at the moment of the start should be 100% payment for the trip and paid a deposit for the safety of the vehicles and equipment.
Why did you choose the new BRP snowmobiles?
For the great emotions of our customers on snowmobile trips it is extremely important:
  • to travel quickly, safely, and in comfort
  • to be as less tired and cold as possible
  • to "fight" with the equipment and its imperfections in the process of overcoming snow obstacles as less as possible
  • to encounter technical problems as rarely as possible
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Tell us about your plans
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